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How project gets rejected by WINGS community?If total forecasters' FR > 2000 and 30% of total forecasters' FR flag the project it gets rejected by WINGS community.
What is the typical valuation reward fee?The typical valuation reward fee for the first 50 projects using WINGS has ranged between 0.5% to 3% of a combination of project tokens and/or Eth raised.
What was the first project to use WINGS?The first project to use WINGS is called Bancor. The project raised approximately $160M in summer of 2017.
How much can project evaluators earn from forecasting?The total US Dollar value of rewards given out to the WINGS community is approximately $10M.

How much have the projects which have used WINGS raised?

Since it's inception in 2017 projects which have used WINGS have gone on to raise over $750M collectively.

What happened to STeX forecasting results?

The STeX team was the first to try out full integration with WINGS contracts, however an error in the STeX ICO contract code meant that the rewards could not be automatically distributed. Instead, STeX will distribute rewards manually; the WINGS Foundation will provide forecast and reward data to facilitate this.

How does the STeX error impact my FR and my locked WINGS?The FR penalty for cancellation will not apply for cancelling on this particular forecast because it was not yet implemented at the time of that forecast.

In order to unlock your WINGS should you choose to, assuming you made a forecast on STeX, you will need to cancel your STeX forecast.
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