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Your project description is where you pitch your project to the WINGS community.

A more compelling description will encourage more WINGS forecasters to provide a valuation.

The more WINGS forecasters participate in a valuation, the more accurate the forecast result will be.

Tips for creating a powerful project description:

1. Language

  • Be clear and concise.

  • Aim to get more information into fewer words.

  • Explain the value proposition in simple terms.

2. Formatting and content

  • Use formatting to highlight key features. 

  • Break the description into sections.

  • Use headings and lists as appropriate.

  • Include images. You can use existing artwork from your own site. Where appropriate, make images clickable (link them to relevant sections on your site).

  • Link to your site. If the community goes to your site for further research, you'll get more informed and accurate forecasts.

  • Link to your white paper.

  • Include a list of languages your site supports with direct links to the corresponding language version.

  • Link to your social channels (Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, bitcointalk, Youtube, Medium, Instagram, etc.) so that forecasters can see your history and stay updated on future activities and developments.

4. Information

  • Include an overview, a summary of the main features, description of architecture/ecosystem, explain the profit for users, introduce the project team, etc.

  • Describe your token scructure: token name, ERC-20 compatibility, blockchain platform, total token number, token allocation structure, what the user can do with tokens, etc.

  • Provide a token sale plan: pre-ICO, ICO dates and prices, minimum investments, accepted currencies, minimum goal, soft cap, hard cap, etc.

  • Note for Forecast: is the forecast question about the ICO stage only, or is it about the total raised funds including ICO, pre-ICO, etc.


Check out some good project descriptions:

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