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DateRelease #Summary
  • Allow forecasters to close project after 30 days passed after crowdfunding ended, if owner didn't enter results and distribute rewards.
  • Bugfix to show totalCollected for old projects


  • Added missing timezones to project configuration
  • Changed default sorting to most popular projects first


  • Allowing Ethereum only rewards (with an optional token contract)
  • Mobile support (view only)
  • Sync time to Ethereum blockchain
  • Prevent entering sub 1 values as the project goal
  • App version in testnet
  • Migrated to Angular 7
  • Fixed all console errors
  • Made global error handler + integration with internal bug-logger / tracker APM
  • Fixed show "My project" without page reloading
  • Fixed error messages for incorrect password / seed phrase
  • Bugfix - full list is here
  • Release #1.22 deployed to main net
  • Finishing our work on the light-bridge (including project page redesign and changing naming for all stages)
  • UI / UX improvements (Removed profile page, Wallet design updated, Removed 3rd party banner notification, Fonts updated - Nunito + Open Sans)
  • Technical front related improvements (Test running, Cache busting, Angular CLI, Auto Linter and Tests running before each push enabled)
  • Technical back related improvements (Gift repository, Sitemap repository, Wings scripts)
  • Light Bridge support on backend (API for frontend, New statuses for custom crowdsales, Additional SC events processing)
  • Block reorganisation protection
  • Fixed zombie DB connections (added extreme timeouts)
  • Infrastructure (logs) fixes
  • Smart cache system
  • Bugfixes (Preventing user to enter forecasts lower than 1, Incorrect penalty displaying, Missed Claim rewards button for user on the KikiCoin project, Text overflow for all project states, Error displaying ETH and Token quantity, Project page: Fixed Share button / Facebook among others)
  • Release #1.21 deployed to main net
  • Finishing our work on the new backend: done
  • Finishing our work on updating access to My Projects Page: done
  • UI bug fixes (missing borders, changing links)
  • Release #1.20 deployed to main net
  • Speeding-up our loading time - part 1 (Lazy loading, Moving to Angular 6): done
  • Getting proper analytics integration - part 1 (basic GTM and Fullstory flows): done
  • Finishing our work on Editing project's details (adding proper pop-up notifications): done
  • UI bug fixes
  • Release #1.19 deployed to main net
  • Frontend refactoring to make FE components more flexible: development is done, in QA
  • Refactoring of app architecture (backend) to make app more flexible in terms of ability to implement and deploy new features faster: done
  • Automatic light bridge deployment
  • Crowdfunding start via UI
  • Ability to place forecast without comment
  • Italian language added
  • Architecture refactoring (started to move to micro-service architecture): front end is now an independent service;
  • WINGS contract option temporarily removed from project creation wizard;
  • UI improvements
  • Security fix: wallet access has been removed from mobile devices
  • "Rewards ready" flyout added to project card
  • UI bug fixes, issues for analytics purposes, backend improvements
  • Project listing deposit reduced to 200 WINGS
  • Maximum forecast duration increased to 365 days. Project creator can end forecasting at any time
  • Creator can start forecasting with zero rewards and increase rewards at any time up to end of forecasting
  • Updated project card mobile view
  • UI bug fixes
  • Ability to set question in fiat (ETH/USD/EUR)
  • Support site indexing
  • Responsive footer
  • Verification of sufficient balance when creating transaction
  • Japanese language support
  • Bird logo splash animation during page load
  • Added trace log to project creation UI
  • Fixed bug where two identical words are used in seed
  • Rounding long numbers on project page
  • Main page removed
  • Project discovery page updated: new design + mobile view support
  • Fixes for wallet access screens
  • Inform of FR penalty when canceling forecast
  • Light-bridge contract address removes from notification about 3rd party contract
  • New languages added: Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional
  • Token name parameter added to API
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Project rejection FR threshold set to 30%
  • FR penalty for canceling forecast (custom contract option)
23.04.2018ui-1.9.4, be-1.9.0
  • Localization (russian) added
  • New wallet access screens with mobile view implemented
  • Updated list of projects from alpha
  • Bug fixes
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