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Parser & Storage 2.1 Dandelion

Light Bridge support on backend:

  1. API for frontend (states are now by names not IDs)
  2. 2 new statuses for custom crowdsales (crowdfunding_ended, crowdfunding_results_ready)
  3. Additional SC events processing

Block reorganisation protection (!)

We've experienced a lot of issues with Alchemy/Infura providers because of block reorganisation.

Concept is described here

How it works

DB provides data consistency. When error occurred we reindex last 12 blocks according to Gavin Wood's words on this topic.

Fixed zombie DB connections due to network loss

We've noticed network loss while using Digital Ocean. DB connection is not dropped when network is lost. In this case connected client waits for response from DB and will never receive it.

To prevent zombie connections and application stops when DB is not responding we added extreme timeouts (3 minutes) for all queries. We are sure there are no queries longer than 0.5 minutes so this timeout will only work when network was lost and client is 'stuck'.

Infrastructure (logs)

Now logs are single lined JSONs and fully parsed and supported by ELK, which makes them accessible, sortable and usable from web interface.

Better (even more independent) code

We improved our custom Web3 solution to be less dependent and even more reusable.

Also improved other blocks of code in both Parser and Storage applications.

Storage 2.2 Geralt of Rivia

Smart cache system

Not-optimised cache and high update rate caused network overuse and DB overload which led to extreme CPU/memory use indications. Now it's around 20 times faster and cheaper on resources.

How it now works

Cache is block-oriented. Each query (with same frequency) get new data only if there is one. Once filled, cache won't reload data and will reuse and keep existing. Fork and block reorganisation protection also included so cache will be flushed when consistency check fails.

Also improved

  • Gift repository
  • Sitemap repository
  • Wings scripts

Release Notes Front-end 1.22.0


  • Light bridge type of contract is available for usage
  • Redesigned project page
  • Change naming of all stages for Light bridge contract

Other improvements

  • Removed profile page
  • Wallet design updated
  • Removed 3rd party banner notification from UI
  • Fonts updated - Nunito + Open Sans
  • Fixed test running
  • Fixed cache busting
  • Fixed Angular CLI
  • Auto Linter and Tests running before each push enabled


  • Prevent user to enter forecasts lower than 1 (not supported yet)
  • Fixed Incorrect penalty displaying
  • Fixed missed Claim rewards button for user on the KikiCoin project
  • Fixed text overflow for all project states + tooltips added
  • Fixed error displaying ETH and Token quantity
  • Project page: Fixed Share button / Facebook
    And much more...
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