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  1. upload project details:
    1. project category
    2. project title, short description
    3. multimedia (logo, video, specific project images)
    4. project detailed description
    5. Token name, token symbol
  2. integration with own ICO smart contract ("custom contract")
  3. ability to create ICO contract on WINGS platform, set crowdfunding legal terms and restrictions
  4. 5000 200 WINGS deposit fee for create a project as anti-scam/spam/undesirable protection
  5. set forecasting details:
    1. specify rewards amount: % of tokens sold or % of tokens sold + % of ETH raised in crowdfunding
    2. set forecast duration: from 5 to 15 days
  6. start forecasting with a question: "Based on the idea, team, token offering structure, project status, timing and market conditions, what is the amount of ETH that this project will raise?"
  7. calculate overall forecasting results
  8. configure ICO contract ans start ICO on WINGS platform:
    1. token decimals (Range: 8 to 18)
    2. token price + up to 7 time-related bonus prices
    3. hard cap in ETH
    4. minimum funding goal in ETH (cannot be less than 10% of hard cap)
    5. up to 10 tokens pools (for bounty, team etc.) with address, pool allocation amount, and token release date for each pool
    6. crowdfunding duration: 3 days minimum, 50 days maximum
    7. an address where funds collected from crowdfunding will be sent
    8. all unsold tokens will be burned
  9. calculate crowdfunding results (calculate rewards among forecasters, get deposit fee back in case of crowdfunding finished, unlock tokens if crowdfunding is successful)
  10. claim collected funds to collected funds address