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DateRelease #Summary
  • Security fix: wallet access has been removed from mobile devices
  • Hover "Rewards ready" flyout added to project card
  • UI bug fixes, issues for analytics purposes, backend improvesimprovements
  • Project listing project deposit is set reduced to 200 WINGS
  • max Maximum forecast duration is set increased to 365 days. Project creator is able to stop forecasting can end forecasting at any time
  • creator Creator can start forecasting with 0 zero rewards . Creator can and increase rewards amount till the at any time up to end of forecasting
  • update Updated project card mobile view
  • UI bugs bug fixes
  • ability Ability to set question in fiat (ETH/USD/EUR)
  • support Support site indexing
  • responsive Responsive footer
  • verification if balance is enough when create Verification of sufficient balance when creating transaction
  • Japanese lang language support
  • new bird Bird logo animation when loading a site
  • trace is added to create a project UI
  • bug with two same words in seed is fixed
  • rounding splash animation during page load
  • Added trace log to project creation UI
  • Fixed bug where two identical words are used in seed
  • Rounding long numbers on project page
  • main Main page removed
  • project Project discovery page updated: new design + mobile view support
  • fixes Fixes for wallet access screens
  • if you cancelling forecast you see Inform of FR penalty when canceling forecast
  • lightLight-bridge contract address removes from notification about 3rd party contract
  • new New languages added: Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional
  • token Token name parameter added to API
  • minor Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • reject project threshold = FR Project rejection FR threshold set to 30%
  • FR penalty for cancel canceling forecast (custom contract option)
23.04.2018ui-1.9.4, be-1.9.0
  • localisation Localization (russian) added
  • new New wallet access screens with mobile view implemented
  • Updated list of project projects from alpha updated
  • bug Bug fixes