How project gets rejected by WINGS community?If total forecasters' FR > 2000 and 51% of total forecasters' FR flag the project it gets rejected by WINGS community.
How do the gas limit and gas price my affect my transactions? How much Ethereum do I need?
If I set the gas limit to high, will I get my unused gas back automatically?
If I do not set a high enough gas limit, do I lose all my gas?
How to make a good decision when forecasting on projects?
What is a passphrase? Why do I need one?
I forgot my passphrase. How do I recover my account?
How can I recover the passphrase from my private key? How do I change passphrase?
How long does it take to publish my forecast?
When a forecast is made, is some of the gas going to the Wings community?
Is there a possibility that the wings.ai server will be hacked and I will lose my private key?
What is the difference between average forecast and median forecast?
How long will it take to get rewards from projects I forecasted?
How will we know when forecast rewards are ready to be claimed?
What currencies are forecasters rewarded in?
Do I need ETH to forecast?
How can I track projects I have forecasted?
How is forecast rating (FR) calculated?
Anyone here locked their wings on the new site yet?

Why are there 2 transactions that take place when locking my wings?

I clicked the ‘Advanced’ tab to adjust my gas price and it shows a gas price and a gas limit for 2 transactions. I adjusted the gas price and entered my password.

2 tx hashes were generated and after they both succeeded, my wings were locked.

I’m curious as to why 2 transactions take place when locking wings on the new site?

Why forecast at USD but Hardcap at ETH (and vice versa)?